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North Calf Leash

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Product description

2021 North Calf Leash

Description :

Keeps cord above water to reduce drag.
Coiled 7mm thick calf leash provides secure connection to your foilboard. The comfortable, no-slip calf cuff helps keep the cord above the water, reducing drag and tangles with your foil system.

With stretch resistant TPU top layer.

To reduce slipping​

Double stainless steel swivels reduce tangles​

For fast, safe release​

For light, sand-resistant hold​.

For low-drag protection​.


  • Coiled calf leash
  • Lightweight neoprene calf cuff
  • Comfort cuff lining and silicon inner grip
  • Double SS316 swivels
  • Easy grab finger tab
  • Strong injection-moulded velcro
  • 7mm high-grade coiled PU cord
  • Slimline rail saver

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