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Introducing the story behind this iconic board


Witness the magic of the Voke SLS, a board graced by the signatures of none other than Airton Cozzolino Lopes and James Storm Carew. But what's the story behind this iconic board?

Picture this: Tarifa's legendary offshore spot, Balneario. With 35+ gusty winds, James and Airton are pushing the limits of what's possible with a strapless board and a kite. Sending huge (double) loops, this exact board has been through it all.

The Voke SLS, crafted under the genius of strapless kitesurfing pioneer Airton Cozzolino and legendary shaper Sky Solbach, this board is the culmination of innovation and expertise. Designed to thrive in the realm of strapless freestyle and big air, the Voke SLS is a testament to pushing the boundaries of performance.

Who's it for, you ask? Well, it's tailored for the likes of multiple world champions Airton Cozzolino and James Carew. If you're in pursuit of the ultimate in strapless freestyle and big air performance, look no further than the Voke SLS. Get ready to ride the waves and unleash some sick airs like the pros. And hey, while you're at it, maybe consider adding some glue to your feet for that extra grip—just kidding!

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