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Welcome to the World of Icarus Addikt II

We are all addicted to kitesurfing, and this board is the one that can start it all.


It's not just a board; the Icarus Addikt II is a gateway to endless excitement on the water.

Unleash Your Potential The Addikt is your ticket to mastering kitesurfing with ease. Designed by Shinn, this board ensures you're not held back by your gear as you tackle new challenges.

Crafted with Care Meet the artistic genius behind the board, MAT. Hailing from Belgium, MAT's stunning illustrations and designs breathe life into the Addikt. With a background in graphic design and typography, MAT's work adds a unique flair to your kitesurfing experience.

Join the Addikt Club Join a prestigious list of MAT's clients, including renowned names like De Standaard, Studio Brussel, and even the City of Antwerp. And rumor has it, Icarus himself is the coolest client yet—after all, who wouldn't want to surf the waves with the gods?