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High quality gear checked and approved by experts:

Only the finest selection will be accepted and sold on our channels. When a used product enters our store we take our time to evaluate the state and quality and to set the price accordingly.

Usage marks, if any, are descripted on the product page.

In rare cases small damages like pinholes or other - that do not impact the performance of the product - will be repaired by a professional. Repairs are mentioned on the product page.

Products with significant damages are not accepted.


14 day return policy 

If you are not happy with the used product you bought, you can send it back to us within 14 days.
Please check our refund page for details. It is not allowed to use the product before sending it back.


1 year warranty

You get one year of warranty on all of our used products. This means that, in the unlikely event that something breaks where it shouldn't, we will find a solution. After determination whether or not it is indeed a warranty case, this means you get a repair or another (used) product, free of charge.

For more info on the used collection, contact us at