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James Storm Carew: On The Hunt For A New World Championship Title



Bells Beach, Australia

Date of Birth
14 July 1999

Kitesurfing since

Favorite Spot
Mauritius, One Eye and Sumbawa, Indonesia

Biggest Career Achievement
3 x World Champion

From the moment James Storm Carew was nudged into his first wave at the tender age of three, the ocean's call was irresistible. 

With his father's unwavering support, driving him across Australia to compete, James wasn't just participating; he was dominating. Sponsors came calling, and the gates to the GKA World Tour swung wide open for him.

"I'm super competitive," he admits, but it's more than just a desire to win. It's about standing tall in the face of a challenge, feeling the adrenaline rush of competition, and ending each day victorious. His first year on the tour was a test, finishing 10th, but it only fueled his determination. By 2019, he climbed to 3rd place, and by 2020, at just 21 years old, James claimed his spot as the world's number one kitesurfer. 

Teaming up with the legendary Airton Cozzolino, James continues to push the boundaries of strapless kitesurfing.Despite facing setbacks, like his injury in 2023, James's resolve remains unshaken. His eyes are set on a comeback.



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