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Buying guide | Kitesurfing & wingfoiling equipment

For starters

Beginners' guide

How To Choose Kitesurf & Wingfoil Equipment

You highly depend on your gear when kiteboarding and wingfoiling. You might enjoy one of the nicest riding sessions ever if your outfit is complete and adapted to your skills, situation and ambitions.

Here we provide a basic overview of the most important information. We do not aim to be exhaustive, but with the info below, you should be able to make good choices when choosing your first set.

If you still have doubts after reading, do not hesitate to reach out!


1. I need to start from scratch, I have no gear at all. Where do I start?

Have a look at our kite package deals.

All these packages are suited for beginners. They come with:

- An all-round kite that is entry-level to intermediate. This type of kite will allow you to make fast progress and still have fun with it for a long time
- A bar that fits the kite

You get for free:

- An Icarus Addikt II board. They come in the following sizes:
- 138 for riders less than 70 kg
- 141 for riders between 70 – 85 kg
- 144 for riders above 85 kg
- A leash

After that you only need a harness and a wetsuit, and you are ready to go!

Our best priced package deal is the one with Ozone Catalyst.

2. I want to buy my first board, what do I have to look for?

You definitely want to start with a twin-tip with pads and straps. Wave/directional and foil boards are for later :-)

Twin-tip boards have many variables: length, width, rocket, stiffness, etc. There is no one-to-one relation we can apply. However, some guidelines:

- A beginner will have more fun on a larger board. A larger board gives you more float, which can come handy. 
- Look for boards which specifically state beginner board or allround/freeride board. Some of the other categories of boards might have characteristics which are not suitable for you.
- The less/more you weigh, the smaller/bigger the board you need. More weight means you need more float, hence a bigger board. With the Icarus Addikt boards we advise the following sizes for beginners:

* 138 for riders less than 70 kg
* 141 for riders between 70 – 85 kg
* 144 for riders above 85 kg

3. I want to buy my first kite and, for the moment, prefer to stick to one size.

To kite in different conditions, you need 2, 3 or more kites of different sizes. However, many people choose to start with only one kite and slowly build up their quiver.

In general it  is best to start in light to moderate winds. This way the conditions on the water will generally be more favorable (less waves), especially at the Belgian coast. This means that if you choose to start with only 1 kite, you best take a larger kite than a smaller one. The additional advantage of a larger kite is that it is more stable and easier to control. 

Everything depends on personal preferences of course, but as a rule of thumb we would say that riders:
- less than 60 kg best start with a 10 m² kite;
- above 60 kg but less than 75 kg best start with a 11 m²;
- above 75 kg with a 12 m²

Some of our best-selling allround or beginner kites are: 

- Naish Triad
- Duotone Evo
- Ozone Catalyst

4. I want to start with a complete range of kites. Or, I already have one kite and want to complete my quiver. Which sizes should I go for?

Most people on a twin-tip take 3 kites to have a large wind range. With 3 kites the difference in between is small enough to allow a smooth switch of kites without too much difference in power. Hence, you can adapt your kite size to the wind speed.

The preferred quivers are:

- 7 m² + 9 m² + 12 m²: the most common combination
- 8 m² + 10 m² + 12² m²: for those riders preferring a bit more power in strong winds
- 8 m² + 11 m² + 14 m²: less common, best suited for heavy riders or places where you often have very light wind 

Of course there are endless possibilities, depending on personal preferences, local conditions, type of kite etc.

5. I want to buy my first kite and don’t know which type of kite I have to look for?

We have made it easy for you. The kites in the package deals are all suitable for beginners. 

If you wish to buy a separate kite, without the rest of the package, have a look in the collection “Allround/freeride kites”. These kites are not too technical and allow you to enter the sport in confidence.

Some of our best-selling allround or beginner kites are: 

- Naish Triad
- Duotone Evo
- Ozone Catalyst


1. I need to start from scratch, I have no gear at all. Where do I start?

To get on the water, you need the following toys:

- Wing

- Board
- Foil
- Board Leash - Often called Calf leash or Knee leash
- Wing Leash - Choose between a Wrist leash or Waist leash
- Wetsuit 

If you have all of these items, you are good to go. 

The wingfoil packages offered on the website cover part or all of these items. They include appropriate boards, foils, etc for beginners.

2. What do I have to look for when choosing my first wingfoil board?

A very simple answer: Volume. You want to be able to stand up on a board large enough to carry your weight, with a bit of margin. A small board will be unstable or even sink.

The general rule for a beginnerboard is:

Board Volume = Rider weight + 3O liter

If you weigh for example 80 kg, you best take a 110 liter board or larger.

3. How do I decide which foil to take?

The foil pushes you out of the water once you are making speed. It works the same as an airplane, only in water… 

The weight of the rider determines how much push you need from the foil:

- Under 60 kg  - 1500 cm²
- From 60 to 80 kg - 1800 cm²
- Above 80 kg - 2000 to 2200 cm²

Have a look at the F-One foil sets.

4. Which size of wing do I need?

You better start with a larger wing of about 5 m². This size is still easy to handle and allows you to be on the water in moderate wind. You will keep using this size in light wind, so it is a good investment. Have a look in the wing collection and pick your favorite brand.

Still not sure what to look for?

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