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Appletree Appleslice Surf

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Product description

We are launching a whole range that consist of smaller volume sizes that are ideal for prone surfing, a well as the more experienced wingers that are able to get up and go on low volume boards.

All boards will come with inserts as standard, and with full deck pads. They are only available in full carbon and really light, yet strong enough to jump with. One of the reasons they come with inserts as standard.

Our wing boards are pretty high end, but they are fully carbon fibre and much, much stronger than anything we have held/ridden thus far. Quite a few wing boards already have durability issues, especially when you start doing airs. So we put extra care and effort into making the boards the absolute best available at the moment.

The small volume sizes will be:

4'2'' 18.2 2.99 33,1L
4'4'' 18.5 3.0 35,L
4'6'' 19.0 3.01 37,5L
4'8'' 19.5 3.02 39,9L
4'10' 20.0 3.03 42.5L
5'0'' 20.5 3.04 44.6L

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