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2021 Duotone Voke SLS

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Product description

Strapless Freestyle

Art.-No. 44210-3412

The Voke SLS is quite simply the best strapless freestyle board on the planet, built to ensure the most demanding of riders can nail every trick when it counts. In our top end SLS construction there is no limit to where this board can take you!

Key Features

Duotone Voke SLS

Strapless Freestyle machine

Especially and only developed for strapless freestyle.

Fast and stable

Due to the bottom and shape, the Voke SLS is incredibly fast and super stable.

Explosive pop for airs

The outline, bottom shape and rails allow an explosive pop for airs.

Best landings

Due to the bottom shape, landings are smooth, controlled and easy.

Innegra Shield

Vastly increases durability and impact resistance, making the SLS boards significantly more resilient against cracks, dings and heel dents.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

The Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 is applied as a damper in the heel area of the board to avoid heel dents.

Voke SLS


Duotone Voke SLS

3D View

Duotone Voke SLS

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