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2023 Fanatic Wing Set Flow (New Mount)

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Product description

Introducing the 2023 Fanatic Wing Set Flow, now with a new mount for enhanced compatibility! Designed with versatility in mind, these wings are not only perfect for windsurfing but also offer incredible potential for wing and prone foiling.

With the recent update to our AL 3.0 fuselages, our Flow Foils can now be used with all three new fuselages, making them the top choice for all your foiling adventures. The transition to the "Aero" mount ensures cross-compatibility between all Aero and Flow wings, giving you the freedom to explore different foiling disciplines.

The Flow 1000 is a favorite among our design team for ambitious windsurf foiling. Its speed and performance make it the ideal foil for speeding up your wing foiling sessions in higher winds. For direct turning and maneuverability, the Flow 1250 and 1500 are excellent choices. The Flow 1500, with its thinner and faster profile, is the ultimate weapon for lightwind windsurf foiling. On the other hand, the Flow 1250 excels in surf conditions and carving maneuvers, whether you're powered by a wing, a windsurf sail, or simply prone foiling in medium surf.

But that's not all! The AL 3.0 masts and fuselages have undergone a significant weight reduction without compromising stiffness and ease of use. This reduction in weight adds a playful element to your foiling experience while providing adjustability for your progression.

The Flow Foil Range now comes in three sizes, each offering unique characteristics to suit your foiling style. The Lower Aspect range, including the Flow Foil 1500 and 1250, provides early lift, insane glide, and surf-inspired direct turning. These foils are perfect for windsurf foiling and winging in medium-sized surf.

On the other hand, the Higher Aspect range features the Flow Foil 1000, the top choice for ambitious windsurf foilers. This foil delivers higher speeds and a lively feel, making it a must-have for any winger looking to push their limits when the wind picks up.

Experience the next level of foiling performance with the 2023 Fanatic Wing Set Flow. Whether you're a windsurfer, wingfoiler, or prone foiler, these foils will take your sessions to new heights. Get ready to glide, turn, and soar like never before!

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