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Naish Kiteboard Directional Global 22/23

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Product description

The Global is Naish’s dedicated wave directional kiteboard that is designed to be ridden fast and hard.
Narrower than our other surf designs, and with a narrow, rounded squash tail, the Global can be ridden
strapped or strapless and is at home on big waves or small. These thruster designs shine when ridden
with lots of power from the kite or on larger waves.
EVOLVED EVA: We are using medium density pads with a diamond grooved and embossed texture that
is well suited towards strapless or strapped riding. All pads feature a kick tail as well as a center foot
arch providing ideal comfort and grip
MINI TUTTLE STYLE FIN BOXES: Due to the heavy loads that are applied to fi ns and boxes in kiting we
chose a mini tuttle style system that provides additional strength compared to traditional FCS or Future
surf boxes. These boxes allow the use of the twin tab FCS fi ns and are supplied with our own full tab
fi ns which are much stronger in comparison.

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