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2023 Duotone Neo D/LAB

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Product description

The Duotone Neo D/LAB 2024 is a revolutionary new wave kite that is 30% lighter than the standard Neo. This incredible weight savings is achieved through the use of innovative materials and construction techniques, including Aluula leading edges, Flex Struts, and Trinity TX canopy material.

The Neo D/LAB's lightweight and responsive handling make it ideal for wave riding. The kite drifts effortlessly in the wind, making it easy to hold your lines and position yourself for the perfect turn. The Neo D/LAB also has excellent low-end power, making it a great choice for light wind conditions.

If you're looking for the ultimate wave kite, the Duotone Neo D/LAB 2024 is the clear choice. This lightweight, advanced kite is sure to take your wave riding to the next level.

Key features:

  • 30% lighter than the standard Neo
  • Aluula leading edges for incredible lightness and strength
  • Flex Struts for responsive handling
  • Trinity TX canopy material for durability and performance
  • Excellent drift and low-end power

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