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2023 Duotone Voyage

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Product description

A brand-new board in the Duotone line-up, the Voyage is a board that many of you have been asking for and finally, after years of testing and perfecting the shape and design, the first split board in the range has arrived!
Many split boards struggle with two main issues, flex, and the physical act of putting it together. The Voyage overcomes these by using an M-Spine connection that interweaves the two halves of the board, so they act as one when connected. You only need two pins to put the board together (no complicated screws or bolts you can lose in the sand), and the pins are connected to the board, so you can’t lose them during the assembly process; the icing on the cake, and what makes the Voyage so unique is the design itself.
Using the fantastic Select as a starting point, the board has incredible DNA embedded into it. The board is designed for freeride and big air, with a comfortable ride and easy flex characteristics. It's smooth through the chop and fantastic at boosting into the air. The tips have been tuned for flex and channels added to offer grip and a better ride when the ocean is choppy. Easy to assemble, engaging to ride, ideal for travel but most of all, incredible for freeride and big air, the Voyage is a split board like no other.

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