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2024 Duotone Shred

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Product description

Younger riders often have to use scaled-down versions of adult equipment, which can be challenging to handle due to their smaller frames and lighter weight. The Shred is specially designed for groms to help them maximise their performance. With a narrower outline, the board glides through the water smoothly, is easy to carve from rail to rail, and offers better pop due to its easier edging. Pop is further enhanced with the new asymmetric top deck, which focuses the flex characteristics on the heel edge of the board. The larger Space Flex window area smooths out the ride even in the choppiest of waters. The Shred gets going early, so light winds won't be an issue, and the Grab Rails make it easy for smaller riders with less strength to handle when performing board-offs. If you have young ones, you know how important it is to keep them happy and ensure they're having fun. The all-new Shred delivers the performance they need to enjoy their time on the water while providing plenty of stoke! 

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