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Used Duotone Neo 2020 9m

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Product description


Wave / Freeride

The new Duotone Neo kite is specially designed for wave oriented kite surfers. The Neo 2021 has a super stylish design and again has a number of nice upgrades. A kite with a fantastic drift and that is also very stable in the air. This makes it very suitable for a wide group of kiters. The Neo 2021 stears very reactive, and offers the rider a lot of power. This allows you to ride the Neo one size and sometimes even two sizes smaller than a normal kite. That means that you can ride a small size kite very quickly.

The Neo 2021 has special flex segments in the leading edge, so that it can turn even more during steering and therefore feels very dynamic. The front bridle of the Neo 2021 can be adjusted in a freeride setup, for the kiters who want a solid bar feel and a little more kite feedback. This year the 2021 Neo has a new trailing edge that is lighter and more durable in the long term. This keeps the profile of the kite stiff and solid for of long period.


  • Duotone Neo 2021 kite
  • Wonderful drift
  • Very stable for strapless freestyle
  • Responsive steering
  • Stears well powered and depowered
  • A lot of power (ride him 1 or two sizes smaller)
  • Flex segment LE design
  • Adjustable Front Bridle for freeride setup
  • New Trailing Edge
  • Lighter design
  • New looks


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