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F-one Rocket Surf

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Product description

Specifically designed forfoil surfing, the ROCKET SURF isthe most compact board of the range.Its design will guarantee that you canpaddle, take-off, ride, pump and carvewith maximum controlas you catch waves with ease. The stiff and light construction render both the board and foil extremely responsiveso you can drawyour line as you want it.Enhanced shape for improved take-offsand easy paddleExtremely responsiveComplete controlduring pumping and carvingHigh-performance during flightThe ROCKET SURF is very balanced and maneuverable in all phases offoil surfing, helpingyou catch any waves. This boardis responsive, stable, easy to take off with, and bringsincredible control throughout the entire ride.The ROCKET SURFis now slightly narrower and longer,while retaining its timeless shape to bringoutthe purestsurf sensations.This board is playful and easily maneuverable thanks to this compact shape.The well-proportioned outline allows an even volume distribution, which in turn brings stability both in the water and in the air. We have placed maximum volume under the rider’s chest to encourage an easy paddling and take-off.The rocker has also been adjusted to improve the front/back balance and pumping abilities.The newsquashtailallowsyouto lean ata maximum angle duringyour turnsin total controlwithout touching the water. The double concave provides an easy release, even if the board touches the water while flying. The pronounced step on the hull and bevels also helps release from the water and reduces friction for improved take-off and stronger accelerations. The concave deck lowers your center of gravity and brings the feet closer to the foil, thus allowing you to naturally position yourself and to better control the board once in the air. It also helps to move your knees and feet through and to stand up whiletaking-off.Thebamboo construction and thebamboo reinforcement on the deck create a highly resistant, durable, and light shell all-around.The size range of the ROCKET SURF has been revised and now includessixsizes, ranging from 4’3 (25L) to 4’11 (40L). We are also offering new sizes with different length/volume ratios: 4'3+and 4'5+. These two boards are wider and, above all, thicker to offer an alternative with more volume for the same length for riders who don’t need to paddle out a lot. They hence may go fora shorter length for the same volume.All boards are equipped with a full pad and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.The ROCKET SURF doesn’t include strap insert from this year on.

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