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Island Tribe 30SPF Invisible continues spray 320ml

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Product description

Island Tribe 30SPF Invisible continues spray 320ml

Island Tribe sunscreens are Parabene and Oxybenzone free products, which makes it ocean water and coral reef friendly!

Designed to give the user maximum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, more than this, the specific formula will stay on your skin for the duration of minimum 4 hours of your activity under water and for kitesurfers the biggest advantage is that it doesn't sting in the eyes !!

Many brands claim to have water resistant sunscreens. Then you read the first ingredient and it says “Aqua”! Good one. We’ve learnt that a water-base in water is not the best way to have a long lasting water-specific sunscreen (See Sport Sun Protection). Don’t pollute the ocean with a water based sunscreen!

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