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Naish 2024 Back Wing 2D Stabilizer

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Product description

Introducing the new Naish 2D Stabilizer. This new line of stabilizers will take your carving, pumping, and speed performance to the next level. The flat shape of the stabilizer allows for a freed-turning experience while providing an incredible amount of pumping ability. The straighter leading edge is efficient, provides less drag, and handles speed effortlessly, which is beneficial for the entire spectrum of wind or no wind foil sports. These combined features allow you to downsize the choice of stabilizer. The new 2D stabilizer series is equally suited for wing, surf, kite, SUP and windsurf foiling.

  • Prepreg 3K Carbon
  • Stiff and durable carbon fiber construction.
  • Flat Shape
  • The shape, which has no wing tip lift, allows for a freed-up foiling experience and tighter, looser turns while still offering excellent straight-line control.
  • Two Screw Connection to Fuselage
  • Proven and compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models.

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