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Naish 2024 Kiteboard Alaia

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Product description


An Alaia is a traditional Hawaiian surfboard. This class of boards dates back a thousand years and is referred to as the first-ever surfboard. The Naish Alaia is constructed with both paulownia and African redwood to create the perfect combination between performance and beauty. The Alaia shines in the slightest breeze and is the perfect way to enjoy all the conditions that nature offers. With its light construction, thin rails, and lack of rocker, it is a great option for light wind conditions allowing you to cut upwind. Because the Alaia has no fins it offers a unique and fun riding experience for those wanting to cut through and slide on top of the water. The Alaia features a slight deck concave for a better board feel and maneuverability, all while presenting a traditional yet timeless design that will undoubtedly turn heads. Take to the water with the classic and timeless Alaia surfboard.

  • Double Wood Construction
  • Palonia and African Red wood traditional Hawaiian, provides a durable ride and a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Classic Shape
  • Unique and fun to ride.
  • Slight Deck Concave
  • Better board feel and maneuverability on the water.

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