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Naish 2024 Kiteboard Dir. Global

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Product description


The Global is designed to be ridden fast and hard, making it the perfect board for steep, racy waves. This year’s construction has been improved with an added rail band of 4 oz S-glass to prevent rail cracks even when stomping big airs. Built to handle extreme conditions, this board will roll from top to bottom (rail to rail) at maximum speed. With enough strength to minimize pressure dents while riding fast and hard, you can rely on the Global to provide all the support and stability you need in challenging conditions. This board has been tested in some of the world’s most extreme conditions and never fails to deliver in terms of performance. With its superior strength and durability, this board will be your best friend no matter what situation arises - making it an essential part of any kitesurfer’s quiver.

  • NEW - Rail Profile
  • Reduced foam in rails makes it easier to surf hard, rolling rail to rail through turns
  • NEW - Groove Lock Traction
  • The 3 piece traction pad provides the optimal level of traction without compromising foot positioning.
  • NEW - Extra Glass Rail Band
  • Constructed with an additional rail band of 4 oz S-glass to prevent rail cracks even when stomping big airs.
  • Improved Tail Rail
  • A thinned-out & squared-off tail rail makes for superior control and grip while carving.
  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • A three-fin setup to enhance control of snappy releases off the top.
  • Refined Rail Flow
  • Refined rail for increased response in bottom turns and easy edging.
  • Deep Single Concave Bottom
  • A deep single concave bottom adds speed and drive for superior riding.
  • Increased Tail Kick in Rocker
  • An increased tail kick in the rocker adds control for tight and snappy turns off the lip.
  • Arch Traction
  • The arch traction pad adds grip and comfort to your session.

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