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Naish 2024 Kiteboard Dir. Skater

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Product description


The Skater is designed to excel in a wide range of conditions, making it the ideal board for riders transitioning from a twin tip to a surfboard. Featuring an ultra-durable PVC wood sandwich construction with a 3 mm PVC stance area and extra rail reinforcement, this board is built to withstand the toughest conditions and hardest landings. The outline provides superior load, a smooth ride through chop, greater control during strapless airs and improved stability when riding in strong winds. With superior response time and increased flex, you’ll be able to push your riding levels with ease. The Skater also comes with strap inserts, making it even more accessible for first time directional riders. Additionally, the Skater has a new rail profile with deck channel grips, perfect for grabbing the board on jumps. This board will help you reach new heights and make your sessions much more enjoyable!

  • NEW - Rail Profile
  • The squared rail profile maximizes a “twin-tip” feel while matintaing surf roots.
  • NEW - Groove Lock Traction
  • The 3 piece traction pad provides the optimal level of traction without compromising foot positioning.
  • NEW - Extra Glass Rail Band
  • Constructed with an additional rail band of 4 oz S-glass to prevent rail cracks even when stomping big airs.
  • Deep Single Concave Center
  • A deep single concave center makes for soft landings and seamless transitions.
  • Lightweight Compact Shape
  • Lightweight and compact, the Skater provides ultimate control for a balanced ride.
  • Parallel Outlines
  • Parallel rails create the perfect balance for stable and smooth riding.
  • Thinned Rails in Tail
  • Provides superior grip and control for easy edging and bottom turning.
  • Thruster Fin Setup
  • A three fin setup to enhance control of snappy releases off the top.
  • Arch Traction
  • The arch traction pad adds grip and comfort to your session

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