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Naish 2024 Kiteboard Fish

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Product description


The new Naish Fish surfboard is an exceptional addition to the lineup, designed to provide a distinctive riding experience. With its unique style, this board is perfect for those who prefer to ride waves with less power from the kite and more from the wave. Suitable for light wind conditions, the Naish Fish boasts a high-volume body that caters to beginners and larger riders, making it an intuitive and comfortable ride for all. It is an ideal fit for those who travel frequently and have a passion for surfing - with the outline, rail shape, and rocker of a modern twin. The Fish is designed to be ridden with or without a kite. Making it a perfect “1 board quiver” for when the wind is down and the waves are up. All of this combined makes the Fish a perfect match for those who want a loose and flowy surf and kite surf experience.

  • NEW- Double Concave V- Bottom
  • 25 kg EPS Core - PVC reinforcements and deck, bamboo, 3K Carbon patches, Carbon stringer, High Tensile Fiberglass

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