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Demo Oasi Quill Twintip 147 x 43,5 cm - Board only!

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Product description


– Full wood core.
– Sintered Ptex base.
– 600gram triax glass.
– 3mm Tunnel Concave.
– Gloss deck finish.


The Quill is now the closest feeling board to the previous 2020 Axis Tranq, with very similar outline, tip width and flex.

We added a tiny bit of extra width, rounded out the tips and removed the heel and toeside channels that the Tranq has whilst keeping the 3mm tip to tip tunnel concave.
Like the Tranq the Quill is built to be ridden longer (7-15cm) for Freestyle or Park with a more generous overall profile and tips than the Tranq or Wraith for added stability. Some Big Air or Freestyle riders may also prefer the Quill over the Tranq in more traditional sizing as it’s a slightly faster wider board at such lengths.
Due to the simplified base and added overall width the Quill is the smoothest board in the line up, it’s also the most consistent due to the slight added weight and more uniform flex profile.
Like the Tranq the Quill is equally at home as a Freestyle, Freeride, Big Air or Park board depending what size you choose. Many Freeride and Park riders will however prefer the Quill over the Tranq due to it’s simplified base and more uniform flex profile, which provides a smoother faster ride through butter slides and a more controlled flex on obstacles. 

Bigger sizes such as the 147 and 155 are also a great option for Kite Schools or Beginner/Intermediate riders.
It’s a very easy board to ride that can grow with you over time, the added benefit being that they can be easily sold later on to Freeride or Park riders if you felt you needed to change size later.

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