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Ozone Hydrofoil Apex V1 Kitefoil

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Product description

The Apex performance hydrofoil is designed primarily for Kite Foiling with endless potential for freeride cruising, jumping, carving the flats and waves or ripping as fast as you possibly can!
The Apex hydrofoil perfectly matches with the Apex board, both are designed and built ultra tough using top of the line materials and construction techniques.
The setup includes Hydrofoil Mast 90cm, fuselage 68cm, Front Wing LA1200 and Rear Wing MA315, plus all covers. Does not include the board.



Hydrofoil Apex V1 Kitefoil with Covers:

1x HFAPV1M90 Hydrofoil Apex V1 Mast 90cm with cover
1x HFAPV1F68 Hydrofoil Apex V1 Carbon Fuselage 68cm with cover
1x HFAPV1FWLA1200 Hydrofoil Apex V1 Front Wing Low Aspect 1200 with cover
1x HFAPV1RWMA315 Hydrofoil Apex V1 Rear Wing Medium Aspect 315 with cover
includes torx key and shim set



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