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Ozone Kitesurf Harness Connect Sliding V4

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Product description





Available in seven sizes to guarantee you find the perfect fit, our Connect Waist Sliding V4 is an ultra lightweight harness providing maximum freedom of movement via the Sliding Spreader bar. New details also provide even more comfort





Ideal for wave, hydrofoil and freeriders looking for maximum freedom of movement. The sliding spreader bar allows your body to rotate freely and is much more comfortable when riding toeside as there is less rotational force through the harness and it will remain centred on your body.


Like all our accessories and hardware, the Connect Waist Sliding V4 is produced with care and expertise in our own factory.



- Sliding spreader bar for maximum freedom

- High quality spliced Dyneema rope

- Custom Low Friction Ring

- Available in seven sizes so you can find the perfect fit

- Ultra lightweight harness, from only 980 grams (approx.)

- Made with high quality materials

- Recycled materials also used on the external panels and webbing straps - New folded neoprene edge for extra comfort against your skin - New ribbed webbing for improved lock on the adjustment buckles

- Superior freedom of movement

- Push-button release spreader bar - New slimline rear grab handle - Leash attachment ring

- Emergency hook knife

- Heavy-duty straps

- Webbing strap retainers


(See more feature details by clicking the ‘Features’ tab)






Our custom hard anodized Low Friction Ring is designed to fit the Click-In Loop – there is no need to change out the loop part on the quick release. Quick Release loops can also be used directly on the rope, however, this will increase friction and wear resulting in a shorter life span of parts. The high quality spliced Dyneema rope is ultra strong and long lasting, yet simple to replace when the time comes.




The ergonomic fit has an optimised mid section to increase back support without restricting movement. The Connect Waist Sliding harness is flexible in all directions so you feel completely unrestrained, this gives you extra freedom during manoeuvres and allows you to maintain a comfortable body position at all times.



We recognise the need for a harness to match your body shape without compromise, so we’ve made a range of seven sizes to offer the perfect fit for everyone.


Designed for a tight and close fit, the tighter you wear a harness the less tendency it will have to ride up or shift from side to side. This added security combined with the lightweight comfort allows you to stay out for longer and make the most of your sessions.




Ultra soft foam padding and an outer neoprene layer with a new folded over edge provides comfort with no rubbing points. It’s now even smoother against your skin if you’re not wearing a wetsuit. Combined with the precisely sculpted shape, riding in boardshorts is a rash-free experience.




Internal supports strengthen specific areas that are subject to higher loads and, in combination with the full length webbing between the spreader bar attachment points, provide optimum load distribution. A more ribbed webbing material also locks the spreader down securely.



(@DESIGNERS PLEASE change the Born Light logo to the Born Light: Genetically Strong one here)



A lightweight construction, starting from only 980 grams (approx.) and the possibility to lay it flat without distorting the pre-moulded or fixed shape panels make the Connect Waist Sliding harnesses the perfect travel option.





XXS 68 - 73cm / 26.7 - 28.7in

XS 72 - 77cm / 28.3 - 30.3in

S 75 - 80cm / 29.5 - 31.5in

M 79 - 85cm / 31.1 - 33.5in

L 84 - 90cm / 33.1 - 35.4in

XL 89 - 96cm / 35 - 37.8in

XXL 95 - 102cm / 37.4 - 40.1in

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