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Sabfoil Kit 91633 - M91 - W633 Onda

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Product description

Sabfoil Onda 633 Kite 91 Foil Playful High-End Wave/Freeride Hydrofoil If you thought you knew how smoothly and playfully a foil could glide through the water, forget that feeling and embrace a completely new foil experience with the new Sabfoil Onda Kite 91 Hydrofoil. Like all Sabfoil hydrofoils, the Onda Kite 91 is incredibly well-crafted and super lightweight. Astonish yourself session after session with the playful character and fine speed of the Sabfoil Onda Kite 91 hydrofoil!

Sabfoil has been designing and producing high-end hydrofoils in Italy since 2008. With over 25 years of experience working with high-quality materials such as carbon and various composites, it's no wonder that Sabfoil hydrofoils are regarded as among the best on the market.

For kitesurf hydrofoiling, Sabfoil has developed a special kitesurf foil range, with the Onda Kite 91 being the foil with the lowest aspect ratio and the most playful character. Thanks to the thicker, wider wing and low aspect ratio, you can enjoy the Onda Kite 91 from as low as 5 knots. Despite its low aspect ratio, the Sabfoil Onda feels super stable, as if you're riding on rails, yet it's maneuverable when you want it to be. The speed is also slightly higher than foils from other brands with the same aspect ratio, thanks to the meticulously designed and lightweight materials expertise of Sabfoil.

The Sabfoil Onda Kite 91 gives you excellent control at high speeds and allows you to carve and turn incredibly fast whenever you desire. Stable, playful, and a fast lift creator— that's the Sabfoil Onda Kite 91.

The well-known Sabfoil hydrofoil boards and hydrofoils are now branded with a SabHydrofoil logo, the manufacturer of Sabfoil. Everything remains the same; only the logo has changed.


  • 91 cm mast
  • Carbon mast, front wing, and rear wing
  • Aluminum fuselage
  • Front wing AR: 3.3
  • Front wing area: 1239cm2
  • Rear wing AR: 7.6
  • Rear wing area: 316cm2
  • Four-point mounting system for rails and point attachment
  • Includes mounting hardware



About Sabfoil - Kitesurf & Foiling

Since 2015, SABFOIL has entered the water sports market, with which it develops and produces high quality carbon fiber hydrofoils completely made in Italy. SABFOIL is increasingly recognized as one of the best brands in this field.

Their Mission:

We Want to manifacture the best composite and mechanical products in our fields of interest & carrying out our projects with passion & dynamism, astonishing our customers more and more every day


Buy Sabfoil's Foils @ ICARUS.EU

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