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Slide SurfSkate - Diamond 32" Kaena

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Product description

Inspired by the classic Single fins of the 70’s, this shape is your perfect weapon to go from one place to another, surf the streets and polish your style to get ready for epic conditions.

The Diamond is a stable low volume shape. With a wide nose, a smooth contour and tucked tail, it has been developed for reliability. It’s set-up makes it perfect for learners that are getting into the surf culture and for those old-school sur¬fers wanting to keep the stoke outside the water.

The new Slide truck has now a covered spring to avoid dirt and dust on the inside of the truck. This new truck makes Slide a perfect tool to learn how to surf or to improve your surfing skills. You will be able to increase your speed in the same way you do when riding a wave.

Perfect as a travel mate, for the smallest groms or for the most radical and skilled riders.

Recommended for riders up to 155cm, and a weight between 25 – 80kg. (rough numbers).




Deck: 32″ with light Kick tail.

Deck material: 7 sheets of Canadian Maple (full painted).

Wheels: 65mm, 78A WHEELS

Bearings: ABEC 7

Slide truck 3.0

Extra height

Less rising pads: Screws suffer less stress and last longer.

Tighter turns: Less wheelbite.

Slide surfsakteboards truck - Details

Security nuts and symmetrical spring

All 4 screws have their own self-locking nut to set up the truck to the board.

The inside spring has become symmetrical to make the assembly easier.


After several months of development and testing, we are very proud to announce the 3rd generation of our surf skate truck: tighter turnseasier set-up and increased durability are the keypoints of our new product.

SLIDE has developed a new truck to take surfing to the streets.
Based on a simple mechanism including a regulable spring, the user
has the feeling of surfing on the road, linking easily one turn with another,
never losing the flow. This means that you can practice
surf manoeuvres without the need of going out each day, helping surfers
improve the sincronization of legs and arms. Also, Slide trucks help
beginners to star practicing turns and improve their balance.
The new Slide truck has been tested and improved in Sancheski, our
factory based in Irún (Spain).

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