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Our story

Icarus Kite & Foil Center

about us

Our promise

In 1999 Icarus pioneered as a small kiteshop at the Belgian coast. At that time that meant selling, the most innovative, crazy, absurd designs to the first kite fanatics. Gradually kiting evolved into a big sport, with the advanced kite designs of today. All those years we have made it possible for people to enjoy the thrill of this beautiful sport.

In our webshop and our two physical stores (Jabbeke & Zeebrugge, Belgium) you can find a great selection of premium brands which serve every kiter and/or wingfoiler. Drop us a line or pass by. Our dedicated staff will help you find the best gear.

We boost your passion.

Partnering beachclubs

Icarus Kite & Foil Center is there for every kiter. We are partners of the following beachclubs:

- Icarus Surfclub @ Zeebrugge

- Surfers Paradise @ Knokke

- Anemos beach club @ Heist

- Surfing Elephant @ Wenduine

- R.B.S.C. Duinbergen @ Duinbergen Knokke

- Inside/Outside @ Oostende

- De Kwinte @ Westende

- Oneill Beachclub @ Blankenberge

Each of these clubs is equiped with the latest gear for you to enjoy a safe and speedy kite - or wingfoil course.

Meet the team