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2022 Duotone Hybrid SLS

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Product description

If you are looking for a convertible board that you can shred in the waves, pull the latest strapless freestyle tricks and then add a foil to when the wind drops, the Hybrid SLS is where it is at. Starting with our renowned Whip shape, the Hybrid SLS model has a few design tweaks to ensure it is the ultimate crossover with only little compromises. There is a unique 4-point foil mount; this ensures the foil is always in the perfect spot, reduces weight and doesn't affect the board's flex. The bottom channel has also been modified to allow it to work better when the foil is attached. As a hydrofoil board, the performance is fantastic, offering a stable platform with plenty of control. When you take the foil off, you have the same incredible shape, except for a couple of small tweaks as the Whip itself. This means you don't just have a hydrofoil, but also one of the best wave boards on the market. Perfect in small to medium-sized waves, the Whip Hybrid SLS loves to get vertical and performs well when tight in the pocket of the wave. The ultimate quiver killer in a perfect package, an incredible freeride foil board, a competition-winning wave board, and a supreme traveling companion too!

3D Modeling

Key Features

  • One for all – Surf and Foil: A surfboard which also can be used as a foil board. Goodbye travel costs!
  • Small to medium sized waves: Suitable for small to medium sized waves.
  • Compact Surf Shape: A shape with a wide nose and a quite compact length.
  • Innegra Shield: The Innegra shield makes the board very durable, without affecting the pure surfboard feel.
  • Foot strap inserts: Board can be ridden with or without footstraps, easy to use for surfing or foiling.
  • Foil mount: A solid foil mount with four inserts is added to the board for a foil mast, without adding too much weight to the board.

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