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North Free Foil Strap Set

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Product description

2021 North Free Foil Strap Set

Description :

Our KnitFlex soft lightweight neoprene material is bonded with pre-shaped dual-density foam and contoured for maximum comfort. The stitchless inner stops pressure points.
Experience a complete connection with your board in full comfort with our premium lightweight cushioned foilboard straps. The Free Foil Straps provide a tactile reference for ideal foot positioning, easier take-offs and fine-trimming of the foil. Ideal for freestyle wingfoil and aerial manoeuvres, with a wide range of adjustments to customise your fit and stance. Both front and back straps have a parallel outline.

Classic black embossed PU leather for a timeless look. Because less is more.

Smooth and accurate 3D printed screw hole reinforcing on the underside of strap for added comfort and durability.

Highly adjustable for all shapes and sizes. Ensures optimal weight distribution and stance for lift and control.

Asymmetric strap washers allow you to customise your fit. Simply rotate the washer 180 degrees to loosen or tighten the fit around your foot without repositioning the strap.

Tighten attachment screws firmly for a more locked-in feeling, or back the screws off slightly for more movement and a looser feel when riding.

Allows entry from either rail, for switching stance.

Neoprene screw covers protect your feet from abrasion and impact.

Ideal for freestyle wingfoil and aerial manoeuvres.


  • KnitFlex 4-way stretch inner
  • Lightweight minimalist design
  • Screw hole reinforcement
  • Wide range of foot strap positions
  • Micro strap adjustment capabilities
  • Freedom within the footstrap
  • Centred strap configuration
  • Elasticized strap-end screw covers
  • Comfort and control
  • Compatible with Seek, Swell, Scoop and Sense

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