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North Waist Leash

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Product description

2021 North Waist Leash

Description :

With quick release safety system.

This lightweight waist belt with sliding harness attachment points for both your board leash and your wing leash is adjustable for all waist sizes. A high-quality nylon webbing wing leash is included with the waist belt for fast wing retrieval. Good elasticity in the webbing and bungy cord core provides greater forgiveness and helps to soften the jolt when your wing escapes. Pair with the Quick Release Board Leash (sold separately).

Attach both foilboard and wing leash to the same belt - one up, one down. Wing leash included. Quick Release Board Leash recommended (sold separately).

For easy grip and fast wing retrieval. The high-quality nylon webbing leash features good elasticity in the webbing and bungy cord core, providing greater forgiveness and helping to soften the jolt when your wing escapes.


  • Adjustable for all waist sizes
  • Two sliding attachment points
  • Includes Elasticised nylon webbing wing leash
  • Lightweight slimline design with comfort lining
  • Recommended for use with Quick Release Board Leash (sold separately)

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